DIRECTOR & Co-Founder

Bachelor of Nursing
Graduate Diploma in Nursing (majoring in Cancer Nursing)

Jenny worked in the Public and Private Health Care sector for 20 years, the last 15 of which were in Clinical Research trials.

Jenny’s previous employers include the Mater Adult Hospital and Icon Cancer Foundation (formerly HOCA Research Centre). Jenny was the Clinical Trial Coordinator responsible for establishing the research unit at HOCA’s Mater Clinic. With Jenny as Team Lead at the Mater and Gold Coast Clinics, Icon Cancer Foundation received the ARCS Clinical Trials Award 2013 Best Site.

Working in Cancer care, Jenny has gained experience in the settings of inpatient Haematology, Oncology, Palliative Care, Apheresis and Day Oncology. Jenny has extensive knowledge of the clinical trial environment, working as a Clinical Trial Coordinator/Research Nurse and Team Lead in Phase 1b-IV Sponsored, Collaborative and Investigator initiated Haematology and Oncology trials. She has expertise in all aspects of the clinical trial process, including Ethics submission and study set up through to completion of the trial.


DIRECTOR & Co-Founder

Bachelor of Nursing – Advanced Standing

In 1997 April commenced employment at the Mater Adult Hospital, Brisbane as a graduate Registered Nurse. From that time, April became extensively involved in various aspects of cancer care including inpatient Haematology, Oncology and Palliative Care, Apheresis and Day Oncology. In 1999 April moved into Haematology Research as a Clinical Trial Coordinator/Research Nurse. In 2007, April commenced employment as the Clinical Trial Administrator/Ethics Coordinator for the Haematology & Oncology Clinics of Australasia Research Centre  (HOCA RC – now known as Icon Cancer Foundation), before joining the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation (GMRF) in 2011. At the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation, April worked as the Ethics Coordinator/Compliance Officer for the GMRF Clinical Trials Unit (Recipient of the ARCS Clinical Trials Award 2014 Best Site) up until September 2016.

Working on Phase Ib-IV Sponsored, Collaborative Group and Investigator Initiated Research, across a broad range of clinical indications, April has been responsible for the preparation and submission of >150 initial submission applications, along with delegated site start up, regulatory, ongoing ethics, compliance and general administrative activities.

April and Jenny have also been involved in several Sponsor, Contract Research Organisation and HREC audits and in February 2015, April participated in a successful European Medicines Agency regulatory inspection.